This is a 15 day course.

Of all the ThetaHealing® courses, Intuitive Anatomy is the most life-changing. This course is for the serious ThetaHealer: are you ready to take your journey with Theta to a whole new level?

The ThetaHealing® Intuitive Anatomy course is a 15 day intensive journey through each of the body's systems. Each day we will intuitively scan and explore a different body system, learning about the emotions and beliefs held by that system and its relationship to physical dis-ease.

You will meet and communicate with the organs of the body, strengthening your capacity for digging and clearing the limiting beliefs, thereby allowing the body to heal.

As well as dramatically increasing your intuitive and psychic abilities, you will clear your own issues and blocks held within your body, leading you to greater health and vitality.

As a result of this course you will develop a powerful understanding of how our beliefs affect the human body and your ability to transform yours and your clients physical experience.

Price is £1,500.00, with a non-refundable deposit of £300.00.
Prerequisites: Theta Healing Basic and Advanced Practitioner Courses

The Course Schedule:

We will be using video footage from "Body Story" by the Discovery Channel, which will help in your knowledge of physical anatomy and the miracle of the body's ability to heal itself.
  • Day 1 - Atoms and Microbes - Parasites, Viruses, Fungus and Bacteria
  • Day 2 - The Skeletal System
  • Day 3 - The Endocrine System
  • Day 4 - The Digestive System
  • Day 5 - The Respiratory System
  • Day 6 - The Heart and Circulatory System
  • Day 7 - The Lymphatic System
  • Day 8 - The Excretory and Sexual System
  • Day 9 - The Muscles
  • Day 10 - The Nervous System
  • Day 11 - The Skin
  • Day 12 - The Eyes
  • Day 13 - The Brain
  • Day 14 - The Ears
  • Day 15 - The Body as a whole

Course includes: Course Manual and Dorling Kindersley's Book 'The Human Body' (with DVD)


What participants say. . .

"Through Intuitive Anatomy with Mayella I have deepened my appreciation of the incredible nature of our bodies and how my body continually functions to keep me well and healthy given the space and environment to heal. I was aware of some information already, however the process of connecting and entering into a dialogue with my body and those of others, plus watching some illuminating films helped me to fully grasp this. I understand how to, and the importance of me taking care of my body in this lifetime. Also notice when I am not and have the tools to investigate what is behind this. I feel I fully understand how my body responds to what I give it, including my thoughts and beliefs.

A bonus of the course is meeting amazing fellow healers and making wonderful friendships. I learned lots by working with my colleagues whilst they bravely dived in to the complexity of their emotions, and helped me with my own stuff. It was mesmerizing to see myself in past lives, feeling the changes as the healing conversation progressed, feeling myself change, and finding new pieces of me. Also being able to reach a space where more could be released.

Mayella holds a special, safe environment and facilitates brilliantly responding to each individuals needs. Watching her is a master class in itself in teaching, digging and channeling divine inspiration with love and integrity. Importantly I learned that this healing business does not have to hard work and Mayella has a fabulous way of making the course fun. We laughed so much. I feel I have embedded rule one 'come from unconditional love', and learned that wherever there is a muscle it can be trained.

One of the greatest gifts I have received from intuitive Anatomy is that of space. Finally I feel I can breathe and give myself space. This has improved my communication internally with myself. I know more clearly who I am and can identify what I need, and how to ask for it. I have a better way to support me. This has an impact on how I interact with everyone around me.
" Joanne Davies.

At World of Theta we are committed that everyone who has contact with us,
leaves us with love in their hearts.