THE RELATIONSHIP DANCE, 1 evening plus 2 days.

Price is 295.00, with a deposit of 75.00

Prerequisite: None.

A powerful opportunity to clear the way to accepting love and magical relationships in your life. This workshop is enlightening, challenging and fun, where you will uncover the beliefs that are blocking you from attracting the right relationships to you - whether they be for fun, work or your soul mates. Then using ThetaHealing® we will change your negative beliefs, clear those blocks and you will receive new affirmative beliefs and feelings.
This is not a ThetaHealing workshop and you do not have to know anything about Theta healing in order to participate in this workshop.

Drawing from my life experiences, using my coaching and facilitation skills, I will guide you gently through the process of creating a new ease, joy and power with the dance of being in relationship.

Learn how to design and manifest your dream partner
Clear limiting beliefs about you and your relationships
Reach a new level of trust and self confidence
Uncover your true values for being in a relationship
End ancestral patterns of disempowering relationships
Clear up trauma, shock, pain from past relationships

Includes a one hour coaching and/or energy healing session following the workshop.


"I didn't have specific expectations but I go away full and happy with some beautiful thoughts and a greater connection with myself. Mayella shares herself and her knowledge with honesty and humility and listens to and honours each participant with the time and attention they need while still facilitating everyone else's process too." Heleni.

"It exceeded my expectations and delivered very valuable information and discovery about currently the most important areas in my life. I liked the flexibility of the teaching and guidance we got, in the sense that it accommodated the unforeseen facts and needs that came out and saw them through." Katerina

"More than fulfilled my expectations! Especially as I had a man chase me down the road asking for a date after day 1!" Naomi

"I feel I'm going away with some strategic and practical things to do; and I feel that I trust you, you are very grounded and 'far out' - a wonderful combination!" Gillian

At World of Theta we are committed that everyone who has contact with us,
leaves us with love in their hearts.