About Mayella

Mayella Reynolds is an Advanced ThetaHealing® teacher and practitioner.

Mayella is also a personal coach and has been coaching since 1990. For six years Mayella provided coaching for individuals and teams, and led personal development seminars for a worldwide personal growth and transformation company. Mayella also, for two years, coached women in business start-ups for a London regional government organisation.

Mayella's ThetaHealing® qualifications and course attendance:

Basic ThetaOctober 2008taught by Jill Miller
Advanced ThetaOctober 2008taught by Jill Miller
DiggingSeptember 2009taught by Jill Miller
Intuitive AnatomySeptember 2009taught by Jill Miller
Teachers BasicNovember 2009taught by Vianna Stibal
Teachers AdvancedNovember 2009taught by Vianna Stibal
Manifesting & AbundanceFebruary 2010taught by Jill Miller
Teachers Manifesting & AbundanceOctober 2010taught by Vianna Stibal
Disease and DisorderJune 2011taught by Terry O'Connell
DNA3June 2011taught by Terry O'Connell
World RelationsApril 2012taught by Catherine Shaw
Teachers Intuitive AnatomyMay 2013taught by Vianna Stibal

Mayella loves to inspire others and enjoys supporting people to step outside their comfort zones, she also likes to push her own limits, having walked the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, a 500 mile pilgrimage across Northern Spain; and sailed in a 39 foot junk-rigged yacht from the UK to India with four other people.
Mayella is also a qualified masseuse; reflexologist and Reiki practitioner.

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Testimonials for Mayella

"Mayella is a highly gifted and compassionate healer and intuitive. She is accurate, loving and funny, and she is on my short list of healers I call. She teaches with skill, integrity, insight and a deep understanding of the work. You won’t find a better practitioner or teacher." Terry O´Connell, ThetaHealing Master, Idaho, USA

"Mayella, I really wish to thank you for all the care, guidance, patience and love you have shown! It has been (and will be!) a pleasure working together. Your teaching method is incredible and after each course I felt the whole group bonding for the rest of our lives. I liked how always you showed us different angles of looking at Theta... through your experience, Vianna's writings and the group's. Thank you for bringing this magnificent technique to life for me!" Silviya, London

"The course was great! There was a good mix of theory and practical sessions. I like your interpretation and application of Vianna's work. You are a good facilitator and a generous and kind spirit. In short, I'm a convert and would be taking the advanced course if I wasn't already booked on something else!" Sharyn

"Really enjoyed it. Liked the pace and very clear and well thought through presentation and facilitation. Mayella - Honest, genuine, skilled, responsive." Paul Croal

"Excellent (teacher), very professional, also very caring, and fed us well! Felt relaxed and confident in her teaching." Kathy Winston

"Lovely down to earth energy, made us feel very welcome." Karen Audin

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"Mayella is one of those bright mirrors in searching for self-truth. Mayella's healing at this fundamental level is with a lightness of 'touch' and lack of judgement. Almost miraculously in the weeks thereafter one's life begins unfolding in new ways." Naomi West

"I love the way Mayella's teaching is so crystal clear and she is always so present and supportive as well as funny. I feel like todays digging course has cleared major major stuff for me and I have also learnt so much from Mayella. It couldnt have been a better learning day in digging than it has been. Thank you so much." Sofia D.

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