Your mind is extraordinarily powerful - if you believe it to be so you really can have the life that you dream of. However, the negative beliefs that you have in your subconscious mind limit your possibilities and block your way forward. ThetaHealing® is a simple technique that uncovers the negative limiting beliefs in your subconscious mind and changes them. Sound too easy? Yes it does, but it is one of the most powerful energy healing techniques being used around the world today.

The ThetaHealing® practitioner uses the natural Theta brain wave state and connects to the creative energy of all that is, the highest level of unconditional love, which some call the Universe, God, Creator, Divinity, Source or whatever name feels right for each practitioner. From this beautiful and powerful place the practitioner commands and observes healing taking place. With growing scientific evidence that toxic emotion contributes to dis-ease and the awareness that our emotions, feelings and thoughts have a direct bearing upon our physical health, there is increasing interest in changing how the mind influences the body.

The Science
Vianna wanted to know how her technique was working, and with the help of a physicist hooked herself, other ThetaHealing® practitioners and their clients, to an electroencephalograph that measures brain waves. They found that the Practitioners were indeed using the Theta brainwaves, and when the Theta Healing Practitioners began working on their clients, the clients also went into Theta brainwave state. More and more books written by scientists are now being published that confirm and validate that the Theta brainwave gives us access to our subconscious mind AND allows us to tap into a higher level of consciousness. Look here to see a list of suggested reading.

Who Learns ThetaHealing®?
Theta Healing is so simple, anyone can learn it, whether it is purely for yourself on your path of personal development, or you are planning to become a Practitioner, or you already are a practitioner in a related field. Many people take the ThetaHealing® courses to enhance their current practice, whether it be in Psychotherapy, Coaching, NLP, Reiki, Naturopathy or other alternative therapies. They have found that ThetaHealing® is easily incorporated, works very powerfully and provides extraordinary results.
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How does Theta Healing benefit me?

ThetaHealing® can benefit you in a multitude of ways. Everyone has intuitive abilities; working with Theta Healing you will nurture and grow these abilities to enable you to witness physical, emotional and mental healings taking place in yourself and others. ThetaHealing® works by utilising the power of your natural brainwaves to access your subconscious mind which stores your limiting beliefs and feelings that are blocking you from achieving your dreams and goals. Once uncovered, you can change these limiting beliefs and feelings into empowering ones, such that you can begin to create and have any and all areas of your life be the way you want it to be. For example: your self esteem, your relationships, your family issues, past life karma, inherited conditions, negative childhood memories, and more, can be healed without having to relive the trauma of past events. By identifying the root cause of a problem the belief system and memories around an event can be released and healed, instantly. When belief systems, thoughts and feelings are changed this creates a healing in the physical body. Science is proving that our emotions and feelings have a direct effect on our physical body, and by changing the beliefs this helps the physical body to heal.

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Who is Vianna Stibal?

Vianna Stibal is the founder of ThetaHealing® and she certainly has an inspirational tale to tell. In the mid nineties Vianna was diagnosed with lymph cancer. Despite the best efforts of conventional medicine she remained ill and turned to alternative medicine for a remedy. There too she failed to find a 'cure'. With no other option Vianna, a mother of three, used a technique that she herself had used in her work as an intuitive reader. The technique that Vianna used to heal herself is now known as Theta Healing. For more information about Vianna, her story and her schedule of teaching, please see www.thetahealing.com.

How do I become a practitioner?

Becoming a ThetaHealing® practitioner requires that you take the Basic ThetaHealing DNA2 course which is three days in length. You will receive your practitioner certificate at the end of the three days. If you wish to practice ThetaHealing with clients, World of Theta recommend that you also take the Advanced Theta Healing DNA2 course which is also three days in length. Please click here for dates of upcoming courses.

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Do I have to belong to a religion to do Theta healing?

No, you do not have to belong to a religion. ThetaHealing is for any and all human beings. All you require to become a ThetaHealing practitioner is a desire to heal and a belief in a source energy, whether that be god, buddha, source, universal energy, creator of all that is, or any other name that you wish to use. ThetaHealing is not affiliated to any religion.

Does Theta Healing work with animals?

Most definitely. Using Theta Healing for animals is very easy and generally very quick.

What are Daily Downloads?

The Daily Downloads are beliefs and feelings that are 'empowered' with ThetaHealing® such that when you read them and say 'yes' you will receive the energy of the new feeling or belief - and it only takes 20 seconds! You can muscle test yourself before saying yes to see if you already have that belief, if not then read it and say 'yes', then muscle test yourself again to check that you have received the new energy. If you have not received the new energy it is likely because you have other beliefs held in your subconscious mind that are blocking the new belief and some digging work will need to be done to find out what those blocking beliefs are, change them and you will be able to receive the energy of the new belief. If you would like a one to one session to uncover your blocking beliefs, please get in touch.

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Testimonials for ThetaHealing®

"A paradigm shifting course, far more applicable and profound than I anticipated." G. Dove

"Theta Healing is an amazing technique with most incredible results! I went to the course at first very cautious and unsure what to expect and if I can do this.. if at all the technique was possible. Within the first day of the Basic course, I was convinced my life will change deeply and irrevocably. Theta Healing completely resonates with me and it merges and unites a variety of concepts in which I deeply believe. I enjoyed every minute of it! Particularly - it allows to remove the root cause of a physical or emotional condition, provides instantaneous healing and grants access to Creator's absolute truth. There is no uncertainty or time lag as with other healing methods. Theta healing works brilliantly and I am using it daily! It truly became integrated in my daily life." Silviya, London

"Awesome! Well paced, well delivered, well received." Paulette Campbell

"Amazing! The simplicity of the technique is mind blowing to me!" Sarah Harris

"Incredibly practical (hands on), giving me the confidence and skills I need to practice quickly - no difficult gap between the theory and the practice." Kathryn Best

"Excellent course. Amazing work and the other students were great!" Kathy Winston

"A very interesting three days, a gift with great potential!" H. Gibson

"A very positive experience. There is a lot to cover and take on board, but the content covers an extensive range of techniques and information which practitioners like myself need in order to use this correctly." Sheila Blamire

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